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Worn Effect Boat Shoes 303E - Men

Worn Effect Boat Shoes 303E - Men

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The Zapatilla Nautica Efecto Desgastado 303E is the perfect option for summer days. Perfect for daily use, these men´s boat shoes are made of 100% ecological materials, combining style and sustainability. The upper part of these eco-friendly men's boat shoes is made from cotton and the sole is 100% natural rubber. As part of our brand philosophy, these boat shoes come in a recycled cardboard box, as we believe this is something essential for those who want to contribute positively to the environment.


 Wash with cold water, maximum 30º

 Let it air dry

• We recommend washing them separately, due to the fact that we use natural dyes and they may fade during the first washing

• For any doubt or query, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service


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